Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Break is Over...
4th graders,

What did you do during Easter Break?  If you haven't yet, write a post on your blog and tell us!  If you have written a post, you can comment and post about other things you are willing to share.

Take a look at these student blogs.  They have posted about their break, their animals, poems and more!  Nice job!

Nick S  Easter Break:
Sam M Spring Break:
Mason R Spring Break:
Molly O Easter Break:
Danny S Spring Break:
Connor C Easter Break:
Danny S Junior:
Erin S My Hamster in Her Ball:
Molly O My Dog Jasmine:
Danny S  Guitar:
Danny S Pets:
Cordelia W Easter Break:
Erin S Easter:
Cordelia W Happy Easter:
Danny S Laser Tag:
Faith G Easter Break:
Molly O My Name:
Noelle C Easter Break:
Jason B Easter Poem:
Faith G My New Puppy:
Zora M Spring Break:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free At Last!

Today I gave all of the students their usernames and passwords for our student blog to take home with them.  They may add another post or 2!  They can also add a photo to their posts!
Students may also comment on the class and student blogs below (they have a packet to mark down by date who they comment):
Mrs. Surridge (305 and 306) – student blogs
Mr. Miller (305 and 306)- just comment on the class blog, not the student blogs
Miss Blessing (305 and 306) – student blogs on right
Mrs. Tripp (305) – just comment on class blog, not the student blogs
Mrs. Krebs (305) 7th grade  blogs only
Mrs. Powell (306) student blogs
Mrs. Schmidt (306) -student blogs on right
4th graders, please don’t let these students and teachers down!  They would love to hear from you!
Great first posts!  Looking forward to many more!
Mrs. Allen

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1st Published Posts!

The 4th graders published their first posts this week!  Thank you to everyone who added a comment to their posts!  Most of the students have comments and they will be very excited to read them on Tuesday.  During the 2nd class, I ran out of space to add their photos, but after contacting Kidblogs, I received double the amount of space!  Now we'll have enough space to add everyone's photos for a while.  

This week the students will read and comment on their comments, comment on Mrs. Surridge's Class, Mrs. Powell's Class, Miss Blessing's class and Miss Tripp's class.  During Easter Break, the students can add a post about their time off and comment on their posts.

Keep the comments coming!  Thank you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

4th Grade Student Blog

The 4th graders now have their own blogs!  They began creating their posts and adding a picture of the project from Project Day.  Not all students finished.  I haven't posted them yet - but I will on Tuesday.  Looking forward to great comments on the new blogs!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

MORE Live Comments!

The 4th graders were able to comment on another class blog from Mrs. Powell's 4th grade.  They also use Kidblogs, which our students will use.  They were also able to choose another student to comment from Mrs. Surridge's 3rd grade.  Next week we'll a posts to our NEW student blog site:  Mrs. Allen's Computer Class!