Thursday, June 21, 2012

May: Great Ending to the School Year

A few weeks have gone by since the last day of school.  As I reflect on the past month, it's amazing all of the great activities and projects the students did in those 4 last weeks of school.

End of Global Projects

This month, students participated in Flat Classroom Projects:

K-2 Flat Classroom Pilot Project

Both Kindergarten classes participated in this new project.  Their theme was sharing food...and did they ever!  They shared recipes for applesauce and salsa.  They made and ate the food, too!  Yum!  Their partnering classes in Canada and Hong Kong made different foods, shared their recipes and videos.  Our students made "dirt" and ate it (from Mrs. Lirenman's class in Canada)!

Here's a link to the culminating video:

This is the link to the blog where many teachers added their groups' projects:  Click on Group 2:  Making a Meal (with no picture) and Group 12.

A Week in the Life

Both third grades participated in this amazing global project.  Students chose 1 of  6 categories:

  • School time
  • Languages & Clothing
  • Housing & Transportation
  • Leisure time
  • Food & Celebrations
  • Image representing Edmodo as depicted in Crunc...
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  • Environment
Image representing Popplet as depicted in Crun...
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 From their small groups, the students communicated and shared their theme ideas, videos and pictures.  They used Edmodo, Popplet, and Voicethread.

The information can be found here:
Go to Final Project Showcase on the side to find the Voicethread projects.


Volunteers in 7th and 8th grade took their lunch time to help students in the Digiteen project. They had participated in the project the year or semester before, so they were available to help with adding links to Diigo and answer questions in Edmodo or the Digiteen Ning.

Kidlink:  Describe/Draw Project

The 6th graders finished their project drawing their Italian partners in Art class.  Then, they received portraits:  It was neat to see the way the students' interpreted the descriptions given by the 6th graders.   

Fun Activities

Students in Preschool and grades 1-2, 4-5, and 7-8 enjoyed many activities and projects as well:

Kidblog - Students in grades 4 and 5 added to their blog pages: and

Cool Math Games:  Many grades including Preschool played on this site!

Curious George, Busy Day:  Preschool loved this site

Sesame Street Games:  Fun for Early Elementary

Free Rice:  Play games in many subjects and they will donate rice to people in need.

Phyfun:  Online Physics-based games.

Mathletics:  7th graders played this site that focuses on grade level concepts and competitive games vs students around the world.

Spellodrome:  2nd graders sharpened their spelling skills.

Typing Games:  Online typing games at different levels.

Brain Pop: animated curricular content by subject.

Student Blogging Challenge:  During March and September, students can participate in 10 weeks of  "challenges" to improve commenting and blogging skills and interact with students and classes all over the world.

It was a great year, and I'm looking forward to the Fall!

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