Thursday, December 27, 2012

CSRN Technology Class Update

So many great things are happening in the lab and around the school!  Here's the latest projects and activities the students are doing at St. Ray's:

Early Childhood

The last few weeks of school the 3 year olds were able to play games on the Chromebooks for the first time!  We sat on the floor and played Curious George games (

Pre-Kindergarten - 8th grade

The students enjoyed playing a Christmas site, Countdown to Christmas (  The site is similar to an Advent calendar where each day a new game opens up in December.

Second graders from Mrs. Ratajczak's class created avatars for their Edmodo profiles.
Third graders from Ms. Kinsella's class answered questions for future mystery skype interactions:
Third graders from Mrs. Hinthorn's class connected with their Edmodo Pen Pal Project friends.

Skype Interactions

We had the opportunity to skype with many different classrooms around the world!

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Kaput's class discussed Christmas traditions with a classroom in Massachusetts.

Second graders from Mrs. Buhr's class discussed Christmas traditions with a school in Wisconsin.  They also took notes on a collaborative doc:

Fifth graders from Mrs. Scholtes' class interacted with a teacher from Argentina, Ms. Maria, in the lab as a mystery skype.  They also took notes:  Titan Pad Notes (

Then in Spanish class they spoke with her again and learned more about the Argentinian culture.  They also met Maria's niece.  They spoke in Spanish half of the time.
This is a video of the skype interaction:

Sixth Graders in Mrs. Shemaitis' Language Arts class met a class in Greece.  They plan to meet monthly and learn about each other's cultures, things they like to do, and the languages!

Some of the students took notes here:

And finally in Kindergarten, the students sang Christmas carols with other students from Texas, Louisiana, Honduras and others!

Seventh graders continue to work on their final action projects for Digitween.  They will present to younger students in the new year.

Eighth graders participated in the 12.12.12 Blogging Project created by 4th grade teacher, Paula Naugle where the students chose 12 things to write about - what a fun way to promote authentic writing!

Looking forward to the new year - can't wait to see what is next!