Sunday, November 10, 2013

CSRN Lab Highlights in September & October

The first trimester is nearing the end, and the students had the opportunity to participate in many creative, innovative projects so that they are learning to go onto the Internet safely, responsibly, and respectfully.  We are also fortunate to have several volunteer moms who are giving their time to help out in the lab!
This is what has happened in the lab:

Early Childhood

The 3 and 4 year old students are going onto the computers in the lab and learning to point, click, drag and move the mouse so that it does what they want it to do!  I enjoy the games on Sesame Street ( because they hone in on the skills I would like the students to master and they have fun in the process!  
The students have just started using the site ABCMouse ( which is an integrated site where students can choose a lesson path or their own "adventure" with games, puzzles, painting, songs, ebooks, etc.  I will be sending login information to parents before the holidays.

Grades K-1

Students are working on typing skills and Common Core Math skills in educational websites that include:

Students playing on Chromebooks in the Library
Partner-playing with Keyboard Climber

Grade 2

Students are commenting on their Edmodo Pen Pal project friends from Texas and Korea.
They are also playing Sumdog, a Common Core Math skills site where they can play with other students around the world (similar to World Math Day).

Grade 3

The third graders are participating in the Global Read Aloud.  Their book is Marty McGuire.  In computer class, they are using Vocaroo to write a summary of a few of the chapters and sharing it with a class in Canada.

Grade 4

The Global Monster Project has been in full swing!  Students just finished creating the monster and have named it.  In computer class, they are creating monster movies using Kerpoof.  The winners will be shared with the Global Monster Project community.
Room 305

Room 306

Grade 5

Moon picture taken by Molly
The students have taken pictures of the moon for the Moon Over Us Project.  They will share their pictures and observations in the Kidlink Project.  They have also written a scary story to share with students in the Scariest Stories and Poem project.  They will share in the iCollaboratory project.

Grade 6

Common Sense Media has great units on Digital Citizenship on their website.  I'm using Digital Passport with 6th graders.  They have 5 themes related to digital safety, respect and community.  They play games and choose the best scenarios for each theme.

Grade 7

The students are researching and connecting in the Digiteen Project.  Mr. Lewickas and I have teamed up in Language Arts and Computer class to give the students 3 days a week to dedicate themselves to the project.  This has proven very helpful as Mr. Lewickas has taught the students APA formatting and guides them in their writing process.  The students are ahead of most of the schools in the project but that gives them time to do their best work.

Grade 8

Diocesan Assessments are almost finished!  Most of the students have completed the Joliet Diocese Assessments for Technology and are looking forward to projects where they can collaborate and create.  We are planning to work with an 8th grade group from Ohio in the Virtual Vacation project.  


The lab has been blessed with many wonderful helpers so far this year!  If any other parent from St. Ray's is interested, please let me know.
Ms. Fox and her mom getting the Chromebook cart ready for Elementary students.

Ms. Fox
Mrs. Bird
Mrs. Leon
Mrs. Birsa
Mrs. Karnezis
Mrs. Paone 
Mrs. Funk
Mrs. Vitas
Mrs. Juricic

Special Honor

I was asked to be part of a guest video lecture series created by Bob Greenberg, a retired elementary teacher and now graduate studies teacher for Global Learning.  I was interviewed about the global collaborative projects I've done with students and teachers.  To be a part of this series is a great honor and I'm looking forward to hearing what the students will say when they take his class in the Spring of '14.  This is the list of videos produced by Bob and the global educators he has interviewed.