Friday, December 19, 2014

This Week in the Lab!

Week of December 15, 2014 

The week was mostly dedicated to projects, coding, mystery location, and Christmas games!


The students played Christmas games on ABCMouse and enjoyed spending their tickets to decorate their rooms!
This is a Kindergartener's room 


Skype Interaction

The students shared songs, weather, and school information with Edward E Taylor School in South Carolina.  They were excited to see another Kindergarten classroom!
Mrs. Kaput's class 

Mrs. Buhr's class

Grades 1-4

The students continued on their learning paths in coding and also had time to play some fun Christmas games:

Grade 5

Due to Confessions, I only saw one of the classes for 20 minutes.  They were able to vote on a topic for the Global Virtual Classroom Contest and play Christmas games as well.

Grade 6

The 6th graders finished their Diamonte Poems and shared it with the students in the Kidlink Project.  They also played some Christmas games.

Mystery Location

One of the 6th grade classes had a mystery location interaction with a class from William Davies Middle School in New Jersey.  They asked yes/no questions to figure out what state they lived in.  Here are the notes from the interaction.  This is the blog post from their tech teacher!  She also made this video:  

This is what the students from New Jersey saw.  

We liked the robot in their classroom!

The students from New Jersey were a 6th grade STEM class, newly formed!  

Grade 7

7th graders worked on The Digiteen Project, finishing their assignments and working on their Action Projects.  They will present to 6th graders in January.

Students in 7B had a skype interaction with students from Jonesville Middle School in Madison, WI.  They shared their Action Projects and learned a little bit about each other's schools and fun things to do!

Grade 8

The 8th graders worked on their typing skills using Typing Club and also worked on Diocesan Assessments.  If there was time, they played a few Christmas games as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Week in the Lab!

Week of Dec. 8, 2014 

Hour of Code, Digiteen, Typing, Diamond Poems, Moon Project, ABCMouse, and Christmas games are just a FEW things we did in the Lab!  Read about more: 


Students have been playing games, puzzles, and listening to songs.  They are also feeding and playing with their animals, adding things to their room, and playing with their hamsters.  There is so much to do!

Grade 1-5 Coding!

 The students really advanced, moving at their own pace.  They also helped each other!  They like the ease of the lessons on

Grade 2 Mystery Skype!

The 2nd graders joined me at a special time to do a mystery skype with a class of 6th graders from Colorado.  Our 2nd graders discovered the state first!  

Grade 6 Diamonte Project

The students continued to work on their Diamonte (Diamond) projects.  They also worked on typing skills using Typing Club (

Grade 7 Digiteen Project

The students continued to work on their assignments for the Digiteen Project.  For the final project, students can use PowToon or Google Slides.  They are doing a nice job on their projects!

Grade 8 Typing and Assessments

The students continue to work on Typing Club and Diocesan Assessments.  Their goal is 35wpm.  Many reach the goal!  

Staff Christmas Party

Our staff took a trolley tour to see the lights in Chicago and stopped at the ChristKindl Market (  We had a nice time!

Monday, December 8, 2014

This Week in the Lab!

Week 1: December, 2014 

We had a week off for Thanksgiving and got back into the swing of things in the lab.  This is what we did!


The students have been using ABCMouse to draw, organize, navigate using a touch pad, recognizing letters, numbers, and words, and possibly construct sentences, depending on their advancement.  They can also play ABCMouse at home!

Grades 1-3

Computer Programming!

The students are learning how to code using's computer science courses specific to their ages and grades.  They were introduced to it this week and will be continuing until the end of January.

Mystery Skype

One class had a mystery skype with students in Troy School District!  They also found out some of them even knew each other!  That was fun.  ;)

Grade 4

Global Moon Project

The students learned about the phases of the moon.  Then they took a picture of the moon and shared it with other students in the project in the form of a poem or coordinates.  They also commented on the students' works from other schools.

Grade 5

Global Virtual Classroom

This week the students finished brainstorming on a possible topic in their table groups.  They used a shared Google doc to create a graphic organizer to add a few details to support their topic.  Each class came up with 6 topics.  They will vote on one topic next week.  Then the other partner schools will vote.  They are in Taiwan, Italy, and USA.

Grade 6

Diamond Poem Project and Typing!

The students created a diamonte (diamond) poem using Google Slides.  They will share their poem in the Diamonte Poem project with students from Spain and USA.  

They are also using Typing Web to get more proficient in typing.  

Grade 7

Video Conference

The students in 7B were able to virtually meet some of the students they are working with in the Digiteen/Digitween Project.  The students are from Texas and asked our students what word they used for "carbonated drinks"....POP!  They say SODA!

Grade 8

Diocesan Assessments!

The students have been working on the Diocesan Assessments for Technology this Trimester.  Once finished, they will continue with Synergyse Training with Google Slides and Sites.

DeICE Winter Mini Conference


I helped run our 2nd DeICE mini conference this Saturday.  We raffled off thousands of dollars worth of prizes including a Chromebook and a course from USF.  It was a great learning opportunity for the 50 participants and a successful event!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

@FlatConnections Presentation - Building an Online Community for Global Interaction and Collaboration

Join Julie and I in a few days!

I will be sharing how to build an online community to support global interaction and collaboration. Using the tool 'Edmodo' for elementary, middle, and high school students, I will share with real examples from current global projects, including Flat Connections, that support intercultural understanding, digital literacy and online learning.

Flat Connections founder, Julie Lindsay @julielindsay will also share insights into using Ning technology for building and sustaining community learning for global competency at the high school and teacher levels.

This promises to be an informative and interactive session - lots of time to ask questions and learn more about how to connect, communicate and collaborate locally as well as globally while online.

Date and Time:
Monday October 27, 5pm EST9pm GMT
Tuesday October 28, 8am AEDT.
Refer to YOUR time zone HERE

Join us in Fuze virtual meeting room.

Please RSVP here:

See you soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The 3 C's - #ISTE2014 Reflection

Now that #ISTE2014 has come and gone, it is certainly not forgotten!  Learning so much from the week has given me a jump-start to the new school year.  There are 3 areas I want to improve or expand upon with myself, my colleagues, and my staff:  Connections, Collaborations, and Consistency.  It's my 3 C's!


It was wonderful meeting many of my online colleagues face-to-face, especially for the first time!  It's an amazing feeling to meet someone you've been working with for years, and to meet them and give them a hug is indescribable. 

My goal is to not only keep the connections I have, but also to deepen what we do with our students to make our connections stronger.  


Attending many sessions and also presenting at a few confirmed my belief of the importance of collaborations with students and teachers.  I will continue collaborating with colleagues on HLWSkypers, Twitter, Google+, etc.  We've added a few more skyper friends and hope they will be another great connection and collaborator!  I want to concentrate on projects through Flat Connections and The Global Classroom Project as well as a few made up along the way!


I want to concentrate on these areas with myself and staff:
  • Edmodo
  • Google Drive
  • Chromebook Resources
Now that we have been a GAFE school for several years and our students are using Chromebooks in the classroom, the teachers need to learn not only the basics, but more advanced features in Google Drive, like, the apps add ons.  Tammy Worcester showed us some great tips and tools we can use with students.  We will be using Synergyse to keep up with the latest features of Google Apps.  We'll also be using Hapara to share docs and stay on top of student work real-time. The teachers will use Edmodo to create classes and groups to share information and stay on track with assignments.  

During ISTE I attended a great BYOD session on Chromebooks and got some wonderful resources for my students and staff.  Thanks to Dr. Draper and PJ Giles!

More Ideas...

Wiki Writing
Cool Apps!
Teachers to Follow
Global Education Day - awesome ways to connect with the world!

More to come!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm Going to #ISTE2014!


I'm so excited to be going to the International Society for Technology in Education (for those who haven't heard of it)! I've created a Google Doc so that you can follow along with the sessions I attend and co-present over the weekend. I'll also be taking a trip to the Martin Luther King Park.

You can follow me:

On Photos:  ISTE 2014  

Google Doc for notes

Can't wait to learn, network, and meet colleagues face to face for the first time!

Spring Fun in the Lab and Beyond!

This past spring was quite busy!  We had some great adventures and learning experiences.  Here's a summary of what we did:

4th and 8th Grades - Blogs and Commenting

The students continued to write posts in Kidblog.  They also participated in the Student Blogging Challenge and Quadblogging.  Some of the 4th graders wanted to continue to blog over the summer.  Looking forward to their posts!  The 8th grade blogs will be available to view for the next group of 8th graders in the fall.
4th grade blogs: and
8th grade blogs: and

Do I Have a Right?