Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm Going to #ISTE2014!


I'm so excited to be going to the International Society for Technology in Education (for those who haven't heard of it)! I've created a Google Doc so that you can follow along with the sessions I attend and co-present over the weekend. I'll also be taking a trip to the Martin Luther King Park.

You can follow me:

On Photos:  ISTE 2014  

Google Doc for notes

Can't wait to learn, network, and meet colleagues face to face for the first time!

Spring Fun in the Lab and Beyond!

This past spring was quite busy!  We had some great adventures and learning experiences.  Here's a summary of what we did:

4th and 8th Grades - Blogs and Commenting

The students continued to write posts in Kidblog.  They also participated in the Student Blogging Challenge and Quadblogging.  Some of the 4th graders wanted to continue to blog over the summer.  Looking forward to their posts!  The 8th grade blogs will be available to view for the next group of 8th graders in the fall.
4th grade blogs:  http://kidblog.org/Rm306Classof2018/ and http://kidblog.org/Rm305Classof2018CSRN/
8th grade blogs:  http://kidblog.org/Rm105Classof2014/ and http://kidblog.org/Rm103Classof2014/

Do I Have a Right?

save imageStudents in 7th and 8th grades ran their own law firm on constitutional rights and determined if clients had a case.  They assigned lawyers to the clients based on their constitutional knowledge and got points and more lawyers when they won cases.  This was a great follow up and extension to their Social Studies lessons.  Check out Do I Have a Right and play today!

6th Grade -

The 6th graders participated in a few projects through Kidlink.

Stats for Math Cats:  Students surveyed the class on different topics and created a graph.  They shared the graph with another school who then calculated the mean, median, and mode.