Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lab Activities

February, 2015 

Beginning the month with a snow day wasn't the highlight of the month, but it was exciting!
This picture was taken from my front yard.


The Early Childhood students continued their quest playing ABCMouse while the Kindergarten students learned a new program, Sumdog.  They practiced their math skills while playing against other students around the world including their classmates.  
Kindergarteners playing Sumdog

Grade 1

The first graders began an "unplugged" #codingchallenge with a class from Taiwan ( and Massachusetts (   The class would create rhyming words, arrange them, and tweet the picture to the other classes.  We, in turn, would try to figure out the pattern.  It's been a fun adventure!

Grade 2

Animal Research Project
The second graders chose an animal to research.  Then they searched for facts using the Custom Search Engine I created.  Once they found their facts they used Google Slides to create a presentation.  They did an amazing job on their presentations! 

Grade 3

The third graders began A Week in the Life Project but introducing themselves using Vocaroo and downloading them to the Edmodo AWL group.  After they enjoyed exploring the Build with Chrome Lego Site.

Grade 4

The fourth graders learned how to create bar graphs using Google Spreadsheets.  They also explored Adventure games with NetSmartz.

Grade 5

The fifth graders explored the website, Zeal, practicing math and language arts concepts.  A smaller group of students worked the the Global Virtual Website Contest.

Grade 6

The sixth graders created facial descriptions for the Draw/Describe Kidlink Project.  In Art, they drew portraits of the descriptions they received from their global partners.  After, they were all posted on the site.

The students also participated in a summit, listening and learning about digital citizenship and the Digiteen/Digitween Project.  Students from Ohio and Wisconsin presented while they watched and listened.

Grade 7

The seventh graders finished their Digiteen/Digiteen digital citizenship projects using Powtoon or Google Slides.  They also collaborated via Edmodo with their global partners.

Grade 8

The eighth graders began their blogging challenge with students from all over the world.  

Thank you for reading!  Look for more activities in March!

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