Blogging/Commenting Guidelines

Our computer lab!
Guidelines for our class blog:

  1. Students use first names only when posting (example:  John).  There may be a few students with the same first name, so you can be recognized only with your last initial. Parents and visitors, you may use your first name/last initial as well (example:  JohnT).  Thank you!
  2. Images and videos of the faces of students will only be used if given permission from the Technology Agreement signed by the parent and the student.  
  3. No personal information may be used unless specified:  favorite food, color, season, sport, TV show, video game, subject, website, age, siblings, pets, personality
  4. All posts are checked and approved by Mrs. Allen before going online.

Great info graphic from The Educational Technology Guy by Dave
How to Comment:
  1. Start with a salutation:  "Dear ______,"
  2. Begin comment with a compliment!
  3. Ask a question or comment about the post.
  4. Write in full, complete sentences.
  5. Proof-read your comment before you send!
  6. Don't reveal personal information that isn't stated in the guidelines.
  7. Be nice - think who your audience is and put yourself in their spots.

 Thank you for reading our guidelines!  We look forward to your comments!